Read James V. Donofrio’s “Administrator of the Year” Acceptance Speech

James Donofrio accepting the award from Caroline Rich, our VP and Awards Committee Chair.

“My name is James V. Donofrio and I am the Administrator of Record for The Avon Nursing Home located in Avon, NY. I firstly wanted to take a moment to thank Keith Chambery and the entire NY Chapters Executive Committee. I am truly thankful for this recognition and will keep this special award with me for a very long time. I also wanted to take a moment to congratulate Jay and Mark on their achievement awards.

So, a little background of my career. In high school I was in need of volunteer hours for high school graduation. I received the opportunity to fulfill my hours at a local nursing home. I completed my hours at The Highlands Living Center in Pittsford, NY.

After graduation and completing my hours, I was offered a part time position as a frontline staff member within the same department, in which I volunteered in. It was a wonderful opportunity for me, as I was able to work in the field I quickly grew to love in the very short time and knew this was the career for me.

I worked at The Highlands throughout all my four years of my undergraduate years and shortly after graduating with my Bachelors in Healthcare Administration I took a position as an Assistant Administrator at The Hurlbut Nursing Home in Brighton, NY. Shortly after the new position, I enrolled in a Master’s Program for Healthcare Administration. I completed this program during my time as Assistant Administrator.

Two years later, I completed my program, sat for my Nursing Home Administrator test, passed and was offered a Nursing Home Administrator position for both Avon Nursing Home and Wedgewood Nursing Home, with the same Corporation, Hurlbut Care Communities.

In my one year as a Nursing Home Administrator, I have had the pleasure of going through two New York State Surveys and one federal look behind survey. I have learned a great deal within the last year and I look forward to all the endeavors to come.

The College has been a wonderful resource thus far in my career and I look forward to a bonding relationship for the future to come.”

– James Donofrio, MSHA, LNHA

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