[NOVEMBER 2018] Nominate your peers for recognition!

ACHCA NY Chapter is soliciting nominations for the following award recognitions:
The Ralph Barron Award – Our Past President and Region II Governor, the late Ralph J. Barron, Jr., felt that education and professional growth of the long-term care administrator were very important. In his memory, the New York Chapter has created the Ralph J. Barron, Jr. Scholarship Fund. The fund has a singular objective: to help underwrite the cost of education of new members to our profession and college chapter. Each year, the New York Chapter will award $1,000 in scholarship grants.
For the purposes of this fund, a scholarship means a financial award to help a student of a bona fide academic institution continue (proactive) his/her studies in the field of health care administration. A grant means a financial award to an individual to underwrite the cost of furthering his/her knowledge in the profession of health care administration. This distinction is made to allow for funding of knowledge enhancing projects that are not part of traditional academic programs, e.g. seminars, conferences, research activities, etc.
Eligibility Requirements
Individuals who wish to apply for each year must:
1.       Be enrolled in an AIT program by January of the award year or be enrolled in a recognized university/college training program for health care administration.
Nomination Requirements
Application can be made by sending a letter of support outlining the name of the individual and giving reasons why they meet the above criteria and definitions.
Administrator of the Year Award – The purpose of this award is to recognize a Fellow of ACHCA who has demonstrated the highest professional standards as an administrator in post-acute and aging services, specifically, the nursing home setting.
Eligibility Requirements
·        Currently licensed nursing home administrator
·        ACHCA Member in good standing
·        A leader in post-acute and aging services for at least five years
Nomination Requirements
 Submit two letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation must include the writer’s name, address, phone number, e-mail, and the name of the nominee. The nominator’s letter must address these questions:
·        How has the nominee improved the health and welfare of residents in the nursing home setting?
·        How has the nominee contributed to, or set an example for, post-acute and aging services leadership?
·        What outstanding accomplishments have been achieved by the nominee in the field of nursing home administration?
·        Why is the nominee deserving of this award?
New Administrator of the Year Award – The purpose of this award is to recognize a ACHCA Member – licensed five years or less – who has demonstrated the highest professional standards as an administrator in post-acute and aging services, specifically, the nursing home setting. See the Administrator of the year requirements for further information and nominations.
The deadline for nominations is January 1, 2019.

“Administrative Leadership”: An Admin’s Journey to the NYACHCA


By  Christina L.

My preceptor first introduced me to the American College of Healthcare Executives while I was an Administrator in Training.  He suggested that I take a look at the website to get a better understanding of what the organization is all about and what it has to offer.  I noticed that the ACHCA is a non-profit professional membership association dedicated to administrative leadership and excellence in post-acute and aging services care across the spectrum of health care services.  The term “Administrative Leadership” resonated with me.

I wanted to join an organization that believed in creating leaders. I was eager to see what this administrative leadership was all about and how it can help me personally and through my professional career. In my short time being apart of the college I was able to attend educational seminars led by some reputable individuals such as Nurses, Pharmacist and State representatives.  I left all of these seminars not only inspired, but also with an increased curiosity.

The administrators introduced themselves and gave their experiences whether these experiences were good or bad. Regardless of their experiences, they all shared something in common; they love what they do and love impacting lives on a daily basis.  

I was able to attend the National Convention in Orlando, which was unlike any experience that I have ever had.  I met with Administrators from all over the United States and once again got to take in their experiences as healthcare professionals. Although Villa Roma and Convention were two similar experiences, I met some seasoned Administrators who not only offered the advice and guidance but people who truly believed in the mission of the college.

I left my first year of conferences not only feeling like I knew more than I did but I also felt inspired by these individuals who want to make a difference in this world.  ACHCA offers not only offers educational seminars, but also the endless networking events and the great feeling of having people who share the same passion for this industry  

ACHCA NY Chapter Stays in Touch

March 2018What’s going on with the American College of Health Care Administrators New York Chapter (ACHCA-NYC)? It’s a question that the current executive committee gave some serious thought to over the last several months. During the Annual Convention held March 11 through 14, 2018 and immediately following, the Executive Committee answered that question. The answer was simpler than you might think. It was staring everyone in the face all along and no one recognized it. The answer is that, ‘What’s going on with the ACHCA-NYC’ should be a question that you can answer for yourself easily with commonly used online tools and social media. With that in mind, the Executive Committee has set out to give anyone those tools.

For example, when things are happening now – at the annual convention or National, an education session, a Board or committee meeting – we have a Twitter account at @ACHCA_NY. We will use this social media platform to communicate things that are happening as they happen. If you use Twitter we encourage you to follow us. When the information is a bit more static, for example an event planned for the Chapter for the future, a news story that has already been published, or an event that a member has shared as a source of pride or triumph, ACHCA-NYC has a Facebook account at @ACHCANYC (or search for American College of Health Care Administrators and all the Chapters will pop-up). Finally, the Chapter has the old tried and true, old school website, NYCACHCA.com.

That all sounds great, anyone can check in, but what good does it do if the content isn’t interesting to the membership? Enter the idea of the Town Hall Meeting. At the Town Hall meeting there will be information shared with the membership from the Executive Committee prospective but the real emphasis will be to hear from the members. ACHCA is a volunteer organization and, yes, it needs volunteers. what interests you, what do you have a passion to work on with others who share your interest? Maybe it is an existing committee, a dormant committee, or something that ACHCA-NYC is even currently doing. More than anything else, this format is constructed to hear from you.

The target date for the meeting is the first week in May 2018 so that we can share any information from the National convention that may be pertinent.  

The intangibles of professional association membership for new long-term care leaders

By: Christin Delahay, CDP, LNHA

As a blossoming leader in long-term care with a specific mission, vision and value for what I want to create for the consumers I serve, my support system is an integral part of developing and enhancing those values and that vision.

The American College of Healthcare Administrators (ACHCA) has been instrumental in the development of my mission and vision for long term care. As a student of St. Joseph’s College of Maine’s Long Term Care Administration program, I was introduced to ACHCA at the beginning of my capstone project. One of my professors had strongly encouraged my membership as a not merely important part of my education, but a mission critical step in developing myself as a leader within a network of other administrators that share my values and pursuit of excellence in this particular field.  

My investment in ACHCA goes deeper than the superficial and tangible benefits of membership, the CE opportunities I draw education from, and the miscellany of discounts I happily take advantage of. The real benefits of College membership begin for me in the immersion of the culture of the College and its constituency. It is here where I find the realization of my dreams for long term care, and the hope that I need to withstand a challenging and oft assaulted healthcare environment, known for its ability to chew up and spit out even the most well-intentioned leaders. I believe that most of us share this sentiment and take a great deal of inspiration from surrounding ourselves with the other excellence-motivated and compassionate leaders that make up the large population of College members.

I am a “millennial”. That’s right, I’m a member of that often-maligned group of incoming workforce leaders that we spend so much time analyzing how to engage. While I do not identify with many of the stereotypes that accompany the group of individuals born in this particular generational group, I just happen to fall right in there, and so it is. I am a “second life” administrator. This means I bring with me nearly 15 years of existing workforce experience in labor, human resource management, sales and marketing, business management and ownership. I came to long term care because I experienced the shortcomings of the industry in my own family with my own loved ones. I came to long term care because I truly felt I could help improve it. I chose long term care as the place where I would bring my unique skills, my experience, and my dedication, to help make the world a better place for the people I serve.

Through the College, I have found and thrived in a network of like-minded individuals who truly care about the future of long term care and evolving and enhancing the culture of person-centered wellness for consumers. I benefit from mentorship formally and informally, and I never feel that I have a shortage of experts I can call on to receive experiential advice in most any situation. I have developed meaningful relationships with people like me, who can share with me the joys and the challenges of caring for our chosen population. Through the College, I have received the recognition of my value and the affirmation that my work will make a difference. Through the College, I have found the strength and support I need to focus, create, innovate and continuously improve. I have said before that AHCA recognizes the excellence I learn from ACHCA.

The exceptional leaders existing and active within our great organization are our foundation, and on that foundation, we must cement the stones of the next generation to ensure the continuation of this legacy. We must draw new leaders to us and give them the support that they need to succeed and rise. When we take part in active membership of a professional association, we surround ourselves with our own. We fortify our numbers with more exceptional individuals whom we can teach, and from whom we receive the gifts of leadership.

I invite and encourage other leaders in my beloved field of post-acute and long-term care to consider the fellowship and support, the passion and the purpose, the intangibles of professional association membership.  

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Methods to Mobilize, Market and Leverage Your Quality Initiative

NYC-ACHCA Spring Convention Keynote Presentation by Clint Maun

Monday, March 6, 2017, 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Post Acute Organizations should not simply comply with quality requirements. Instead, your team can use quality initiatives to accelerate revenue, recruit coworkers, market your position, receive high level status, and secure a preferred partnership position. This session will focus on a set of techniques designed to quickly accomplish all of the above.


By the end of this session, the participants will be able to:

  1. Define the desired success for the quality initiatives
  2. Explore the State of the Art tools for your quality roadmap
  3. Grab the attention of payors, partners, investors, and risk entities
  4. Showcase your success journey internally and externally

The session will use lecture, group discussion, and case studies.

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Discount Extended for NYC-ACHCA Annual Convention and Updated Program Schedule

$100 Discount Extended until February 15! 

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Financial Managers

Directors Of Nursing/Clinical Staff

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Annual Convention, 2017

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If you attend only one show in 2017, make it this one.

We look forward to seeing you there, but don’t delay…..make your convention and room reservations today!