What is the Cultural Diversity Endowment Fund?

On behalf of the New York Chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrators Academy of Long Term Care Leadership and Development, we are asking you to join us in our fundraising efforts for the Sister Joan Cassidy and Michael Cuseo Cultural Diversity Endowment.

The Cultural Diversity Endowment Fund (CDEF) is a perpetual endowment instrument of the ACHCA-NY Chapter. This endowment fund will reach out to culturally diverse groups in an effort to increase their involvement and active participation in ACHCA. Cultural Diversity involves including new administrators and individuals of diverse backgrounds, particularly minorites who are under- represented in long term care administration. The fund has the following specific objectives:

1. To recruit new members to ACHCA from a broad range of culturally diverse groups
2. To support the education and professional development of new members in the College and the health care administration profession
3. To promote increased attendance at the annual conventions/convocations of ACHCA.

The fund endeavors to commemorate the loss of our beloved member, Sister Joan Cassidy, CNHA, FACHCA, who passed away on October 15, 1998 after a long and courageous battle with cancer. She was a member of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, Halifax. Loved by all who knew her, she was well respected in the long-term care world. She embodied the highest moral qualities and brought a level of professionalism and ethics to ACHCA on both a state and national level.

Michael Cuseo was instrumental in establishing Chem Rx as the premiere Long-Term Care pharmacy in New York. He generously devoted his time, talents and professional efforts as Chem Rx’s Supervising Pharmacist for over thirty years. Michael took a deep interest in the pharmaceutical aspects of the nursing home industry, but more importantly, will be remembered for his warm personality and infectious sense of humor. All who were fortunate enough to make his acquaintance, will fondly remember Michael.

In 1998, the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) granted the first award from the Sister Joan Cassidy Endowment Fund. In 2007, the New York Chapter of ACHCA proposed to honor Michael Cuseo of Chem Rx and to change the name of the fund to the Sister Joan Cassidy and Michael Cuseo Cultural Endowment Fund.

The President’s Award, presented annually at this event, is the most prestigious honor that the New York Chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrators bestows to individuals who represent the ideals and mission of the College, and the integrity, and cultural diversity as defined by Sr. Joan Cassidy and Michael Cuseo through their leadership and dedication on to the College. It is with that in mind that we will be honoring Joseph Peixoto of Procare LTC Pharmacy.

There will also be a special presentation to Sr.Audrey Harsen of Our Lady of Consola on Nursing and Rehabilitative Care Center who will receive the Chapter’s Distinguished Service Award for over forty years of service to the New York Membership. Her dedication and sincerity to our mission and ideals has created a path for all to follow.

We look forward to seeing all of our friends and associates at this worthwhile event.

NYACHCA: An Award-Winning Chapter

At the ACHCA National Convention in Orlando, the New York Chapter was recognized for it’s work with the Sister Joan Cassidy and Michael Cuseo fundraising to support cultural diversity and membership. On April 24th, the Chapter was presented with the pictured award at the annual Awards Celebration luncheon. Keith Chambery, President of the New York Chapter accepted the award on behalf of the Chapter. It was especially fitting that Christina Lagurre, AIT at Northern Manhattan Rehabilitation and Nursing Center was able to attend the convention because of the Sister Joan and Michael Cuseo fund.


This year The Sister Joan Cassidy and Michael Cuseo event will be held on June 14, 2018 at Leonard’s of Great Neck. We will be honoring Joseph Peixoto, Procare LTC and Sister Audry Harsen of Catholic Health Services. Joe has been a great supporter of the College throughout his career. Sister Audry was a peer and one of Sister Joan’s closest friends. We hope you will contribute to help keep the tradition of the Chapter alive and support the diversity fund.


The success of the New York Chapter is very much linked to the support that the Chapter receives from the vendor community. Support for the annual convention assists the Chapter with it’s day to day mission and expenses of conducting the business of the Chapter. Support for the Sister Joan and Michael Cuseo diversity fund are specifically for that purpose and physically segregated from anything else that the Chapter does. It is for that reason, and reflecting on that great support that the Chapter wanted to use the advertising space it had purchased from the National Association to once again recognize those companies to the National audiance as a key ingredient to our success.


New York Chapter Receives ACHCA Chapter Achievement Award

Washington, D. C. – April 25, 2018  – The American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) is proud to recognize the New York Chapter of ACHCA as a 2018 recipient of the ACHCA Chapter Achievement Award.  The award was presented during the awards ceremony at ACHCA’s Annual Convocation and Exposition in Orlando Florida on April 24, 2018.

The prestigious Chapter Achievement Award recognizes a project developed by an ACHCA Chapter to address a member need or chapter objective.  Each year, the New York Chapter works to raise funds for the Sister Joan Cassidy and Michael Cuseo Ethnic Diversity Fund. The ACHCA New York Chapter designed this fund to increase the involvement and participation of culturally diverse groups across the nation in ACHCA – and to assist students.  ACHCA was pleased to present them with the Chapter Achievement Award in recognition of their accomplishment of hosting fund raising events to maintain an ongoing scholarship dedicated to increasing diversity within geriatrics and long-term care.


Founded in 1962 the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) is the only professional association devoted solely to meeting the professional needs of today’s post-acute and aging services leaders. Focused on advancing leadership excellence, ACHCA provides professional education and certification to administrators from across the spectrum of long term care. For more information about ACHCA, contact the national office at (800) 561-3148 or visit www.achca.org.

ACHCA NY Chapter Stays in Touch

March 2018What’s going on with the American College of Health Care Administrators New York Chapter (ACHCA-NYC)? It’s a question that the current executive committee gave some serious thought to over the last several months. During the Annual Convention held March 11 through 14, 2018 and immediately following, the Executive Committee answered that question. The answer was simpler than you might think. It was staring everyone in the face all along and no one recognized it. The answer is that, ‘What’s going on with the ACHCA-NYC’ should be a question that you can answer for yourself easily with commonly used online tools and social media. With that in mind, the Executive Committee has set out to give anyone those tools.

For example, when things are happening now – at the annual convention or National, an education session, a Board or committee meeting – we have a Twitter account at @ACHCA_NY. We will use this social media platform to communicate things that are happening as they happen. If you use Twitter we encourage you to follow us. When the information is a bit more static, for example an event planned for the Chapter for the future, a news story that has already been published, or an event that a member has shared as a source of pride or triumph, ACHCA-NYC has a Facebook account at @ACHCANYC (or search for American College of Health Care Administrators and all the Chapters will pop-up). Finally, the Chapter has the old tried and true, old school website, NYCACHCA.com.

That all sounds great, anyone can check in, but what good does it do if the content isn’t interesting to the membership? Enter the idea of the Town Hall Meeting. At the Town Hall meeting there will be information shared with the membership from the Executive Committee prospective but the real emphasis will be to hear from the members. ACHCA is a volunteer organization and, yes, it needs volunteers. what interests you, what do you have a passion to work on with others who share your interest? Maybe it is an existing committee, a dormant committee, or something that ACHCA-NYC is even currently doing. More than anything else, this format is constructed to hear from you.

The target date for the meeting is the first week in May 2018 so that we can share any information from the National convention that may be pertinent.  

There’s Still Time to Register for the NYC-ACHCA Annual Convention

But don’t miss out! We’re less than a week away from the start of our Annual Convention and there are still a few spots available.

The program is going to be top notch; you can preview it here. And, check out an overview of Clint Maun’s Keynote Presentation: Methods to Mobilize, Market and Leverage Your Quality Initiative.

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Methods to Mobilize, Market and Leverage Your Quality Initiative

NYC-ACHCA Spring Convention Keynote Presentation by Clint Maun

Monday, March 6, 2017, 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Post Acute Organizations should not simply comply with quality requirements. Instead, your team can use quality initiatives to accelerate revenue, recruit coworkers, market your position, receive high level status, and secure a preferred partnership position. This session will focus on a set of techniques designed to quickly accomplish all of the above.


By the end of this session, the participants will be able to:

  1. Define the desired success for the quality initiatives
  2. Explore the State of the Art tools for your quality roadmap
  3. Grab the attention of payors, partners, investors, and risk entities
  4. Showcase your success journey internally and externally

The session will use lecture, group discussion, and case studies.

$100 Discount Extended until February 15! 

Discount Extended for NYC-ACHCA Annual Convention and Updated Program Schedule

$100 Discount Extended until February 15! 

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For the 2017 Convention, we have secured Clint Maun as our keynote speaker, and our Education Committee has gone to enormous lengths to secure topical and thought-provoking educational programs for:


Financial Managers

Directors Of Nursing/Clinical Staff

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If you attend only one show in 2017, make it this one — the New York Chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrator’s 48th Annual Convention, which will be held from March 5th through March 8th, 2017 at the Villa Roma Resort and Conference Center.

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The NYC-ACHCA education committee has assembled world-class experts who will help you and your colleagues focus on your next moves in 2017. They have gone to enormous lengths to secure topical and thought-provoking educational programs for administratorsfinancial managers, and directors of nursing/clinical staff.

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Check out some of the information packed sessions at the ACHCA-New York 48th Annual Convention!

  • Register before February 1, 2017 and save at least $100.00 per person!
    New CMS Requirements of Participation: What Do I Do Now? 
    – Nancy Levielle, RN, Lisa Volk, RN
  • Keynote: Methods to Mobilize, Market and Leverage Your Quality Initiative – Clint Maun
  • Leader’s Guide to Changing Regulatory Landscape: Five Star Quality Rating – Kris Mastrangelo
  • Nursing Homes are Easy Targets – Professional/General Liability Risks and Preventive Strategies – Josephine Bottitta, Andrew Sheeley
  • Improving Quality in a Changing Health Care Environment: Challenges and Opportunities – Jackie Pappalardi
  • Telemedicine, The Future is now! – Lowell Feldman
  • Long-term Care Trends and Legal Updates – Stephen Hanse, Cornelius Murray, Dan Hiem
  • Setting Paths and Priorities in a Maze of Care and Payment Reforms – Sheryl Rosenfield
  • Principles of Strategic Planning – Inspiration from “The Art of War” – Cecelia Sepp
  • NYDOH Division of NH and ICF/IID Surveillance Updates – Shelly Glock, New York State Department Of Health

Response to Uncertainty? FOCUS at the NYC-ACHCA Annual Convention

March 5 – 8, 2017, NYC-ACHCA 48th Annual Convention

Welcome to 2017!

With so much uncertainty about the future of healthcare swirling about, post-acute care executives and managers are challenged to stay focused on what’s really important:

  • The care of the patients and families we serve
  • Safety & reducing risk
  • Human resources management
  • Clinical excellence
  • Sustainable relationships with referral sources and business partners

This is routinely difficult, but in this season of political and policy turmoil, the Annual Convention of the New York Chapter, American College of Healthcare Administrators, takes on greater importance than ever.

For the 48th Annual Convention, the NYC – ACHCA education committee has assembled world-class experts who will help you and your colleagues focus on your next moves in 2017.

  • Concerned about the new CMS regulations? Nancy Leveille and Lisa Volk will guide you through the maze.
  • Want to ramp up your marketing initiatives? Keynote and workshop leader Clint Maun will show you how.
  • Interested in the potential of telemedicine in post acute care? Lowell Feldman will “beam you up.”

This is just a sampler of the outstanding programs that are available the 5th – 8th of March at the Villa Roma in Calicoon New York.

Register today and take advantage of the early bird discount of $100 per registrant.


Millennials in the Workplace; What Drives Them?

7k0a0438By now you’ve no doubt realized that Millennials are indeed changing your workplace; what drives them, you might ask. For starters, there are likely lots of them in your workplace (and if there aren’t that might be something your company needs to address). Millennials currently make up half of the working population, and this won’t change anytime soon. They come with their own notions of what makes a company a good place to work, and as we’ve all heard, from a management standpoint, they come with a unique set of challenges. But rather than dwell on the difficulties of dealing with a relatively new entrant into the workforce, let’s focus on what could help us all to work more effectively with Millennials. Perhaps we can even uncover some of the positive aspects of working with Millennials (there must be some, right?).

A recent study by LinkedIn surveyed 13,000+ Millennials to find out what they think about jobs and job seeking. The survey revealed a number of interesting statistics. First, 93% of Millennials are “eager to learn about job opportunities.” Does it mean that Millennials are constantly looking for a better situation, always ready to leave their current company? It might, but it seems more likely that they will stay in their current job if they are provided new experiences and opportunities. The survey shows that Millennials are indeed hungrier for job opportunities than previous generations.

What is it that Millennials want? There are a lot of assumptions about this generation made by previous generations. They want to change jobs every 12 months, to have unfettered influence on their boss, job, and working environment, and most importantly, to be given titles, responsibilities, and salaries they haven’t earned, right? Maybe they are entitled. But a more interesting and effective question might be, what makes Millennials thrive in a workplace—in other words, what sort of environment, company, and leadership will enable a company to most effectively tap the talent and potential of the group that now makes up the largest single portion of the workforce in the United States?

A deeper dive into the numbers from the survey provides insight into WHY Millennials might accept new jobs. The number one reason they’d likely make a career move is because the new company offers them better compensation and benefits. In fact, Millennials care more about benefits than older professionals. The number two and three reasons Millennials would accept another job: the new company offers more opportunities and the work sounds more challenging. What have been your challenges in working with Millennial employees?

In upcoming articles, we will discuss more about how long-term care organizations can attract and retain Millennials.