2013 Presentations

2013 Spring Conference Presentations

Compliance, Medical Records and HIPAA
Speakers: Charles P. Kelly, Esq. and Burton T. Ryan, Jr., Esq.

“Hot” Wage and Hours Issues in the Healthcare Industry

Changing Markets and Health Care Investment Strategies
Speaker: David M. Darst, CFA

The Challenging Patient: A Worker Compensation Perspective
Speakers: Joephine Bottitta, Esq. and Megan Coville

2013 Federal Regulatory and Policy Updates
Speakers: Sheryl Rosenfield, RN

Case Mix Update
Speakers: Sheryl Rosenfield, RN and Marc Zimmet, CPA

Negotiating Managed Care Contracts
Speakers: Ari Markenson, Esq. and Marc Zimmet, CPA

DOH Update
Speakers: Jackie Pappalardi and Al LoBalbo

E Discovery, Social Media and Document Discovery Basics
Speaker: David Rohde, Esq.

Rate Sheets 101
Speakers: Anthony Morrone, CPA and James Budd, CPA

Rate Sheets 101 Cost Accounting
Speakers: Anthony Morrone, CPA and James Budd, CPA
Speakers: Joseph Martello, CPA and Anthony Morrone, CPA