Millennials in the Workplace; What Drives Them?

7k0a0438By now you’ve no doubt realized that Millennials are indeed changing your workplace; what drives them, you might ask. For starters, there are likely lots of them in your workplace (and if there aren’t that might be something your company needs to address). Millennials currently make up half of the working population, and this won’t change anytime soon. They come with their own notions of what makes a company a good place to work, and as we’ve all heard, from a management standpoint, they come with a unique set of challenges. But rather than dwell on the difficulties of dealing with a relatively new entrant into the workforce, let’s focus on what could help us all to work more effectively with Millennials. Perhaps we can even uncover some of the positive aspects of working with Millennials (there must be some, right?).

A recent study by LinkedIn surveyed 13,000+ Millennials to find out what they think about jobs and job seeking. The survey revealed a number of interesting statistics. First, 93% of Millennials are “eager to learn about job opportunities.” Does it mean that Millennials are constantly looking for a better situation, always ready to leave their current company? It might, but it seems more likely that they will stay in their current job if they are provided new experiences and opportunities. The survey shows that Millennials are indeed hungrier for job opportunities than previous generations.

What is it that Millennials want? There are a lot of assumptions about this generation made by previous generations. They want to change jobs every 12 months, to have unfettered influence on their boss, job, and working environment, and most importantly, to be given titles, responsibilities, and salaries they haven’t earned, right? Maybe they are entitled. But a more interesting and effective question might be, what makes Millennials thrive in a workplace—in other words, what sort of environment, company, and leadership will enable a company to most effectively tap the talent and potential of the group that now makes up the largest single portion of the workforce in the United States?

A deeper dive into the numbers from the survey provides insight into WHY Millennials might accept new jobs. The number one reason they’d likely make a career move is because the new company offers them better compensation and benefits. In fact, Millennials care more about benefits than older professionals. The number two and three reasons Millennials would accept another job: the new company offers more opportunities and the work sounds more challenging. What have been your challenges in working with Millennial employees?

In upcoming articles, we will discuss more about how long-term care organizations can attract and retain Millennials.

ACHCA-NYC to Host Annual Convention at Villa Roma

villaromaThis year, the New York Chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrators will host our Annual Convention, which will be held from March 5th through March 8th, 2017, at the Villa Roma Resort and Conference Center. The beautiful Villa Roma has upscale accommodations, varied and tasteful menus, a special dining area, and well-appointed and functional meeting rooms. It even has a bowling alley!

The resort is conveniently located in Callicoon, New York, just minutes from Monticello. Kudos to our Education Committee which has gone to enormous lengths to secure topical and thought-provoking educational program. In addition to the fine educational setting, the Villa Roma offers a spacious, yet intimate exhibit space which accommodates all of our corporate sponsors.

Villa Roma Resort & Conference Center Set comfortably amid the beautiful Catskill Mountains, Villa Roma Resort offers spacious suites and guest rooms, complete with the amenities of home, in charming surroundings. And there are always a lot of fun and interesting things to do, from golf, horseback riding, swimming, and go carts to live entertainment, hot air balloons, and spa & fitness facilities. Villa Roma offers first class dining, too, including a large breakfast, charming café, and the Beechwoods Restaurant & Grill. See more at or call the hotel at (800) 533-6767.

Stay tuned for all conference details and registration information, which will be available soon!



NY Chapter ACHCA is a professional society of administrators in long-term care, offering excellent  educational programming, career development opportunities, and certification in a variety of  positions. NY Chapter ACHCA members enhance their professional development through education that isgeared to the continuum of health care administration and that emphasizes long-term care – an approach that clearly improves the quality of care they provide.

Facilitator for the 2017 Summer Leadership Conference Announced — Clint Maun

clintmaun-photo1-8x10300dpiWe’re pleased to announce our Facilitator for the 2017 Summer Leadership Conference — Clint Maun, Maun-Lemke President and Senior Partner.

Clint Maun is nationally recognized for his innovative expertise in healthcare consulting, speaking and research. He is one of a select few to receive the CSP designation of distinction, Certified Speaking Professional, from the National Speakers Association.

As co-founder of Maun-Lemke Speaking and Consulting, LLC, Clint has over 38-years experience in healthcare operations, management, leadership, quality enhancement and self-development programs. Clint’s acclaimed leadership process has been successfully implemented in small and multi-facility businesses nationwide. His visions, ideas, techniques and innovative solutions are currently at work in thousands of organizations throughout the country.

Since 1984, Clint has concentrated on “changing the results of healthcare” and improving the “people business” of our profession. He consults and speaks on a diverse range of critical challenges facing healthcare, from revenue and marketing strategies to service excellence, as well as optimizing employee effectiveness. Clint’s strength is optimizing organizational effectiveness with programs targeted to the 3 “C’s” of healthcare: Customers, Co-workers and Collaboration.

Clint has the proven ability to motivate individuals to positive action and implement results-oriented change. Using his vast experience and knowledge of the healthcare profession, Clint also provides free proven and practical best practice stories, tips and anecdotes daily on

Learn more about the Summer Leadership Conference at our website:

NY Chapter ACHCA is a professional society of administrators in long-term care, offering excellent  educational programming, career development opportunities, and certification in a variety of  positions.

NY Chapter ACHCA members enhance their professional development through education that is geared to the continuum of health care administration and that emphasizes long-term care – an approach that clearly improves the quality of care they provide.

How to Identify Your Leadership Style and Put it to Work in Your Organization

img_0961In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, William C. Taylor, cofounder of Fast Company magazine and author of Simply Brilliant: How Great Organizations Do Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Ways, asks: “Why is it important to gain clarity about the leadership style that fits each of us best?” It got us thinking; is it important?

As long-term care leaders and managers, we are constantly being challenged with countless regulatory, human resource, legal, and other rapid-fire changes, including generational, cultural and language differences, and consumer demands. The demands and rigors of healthcare executives and leaders in today’s changing environment cannot be over emphasized. Identifying and examining your individual leadership style can help you to figure out how to best use it to benefit your organization, management team, and staff members.

In the article, Taylor outlines what he defines as the four leadership styles that capture the varied approaches of leaders he has encountered over the years:

The Classic Entrepreneur – The leader who does “more than anyone thinks possible with less than anyone thinks possible” and “they focus on tough-minded calculations and no-nonsense financial returns.”

The Modern Missionary – For this type of leader, “success is less about making money than it is about making a difference and having an impact.”

The Problem Solver – “These top-down, take-charge, the-buck-stops-here executives may be the most recognizable sorts of leaders, in terms of the image we carry around of what it takes to get things done.”

The Solution Finder – “These leaders believe that the most powerful contributions often come from the most unexpected places — the hidden genius of their colleagues, the collective genius that surrounds their organization.”

Do you recognize your leadership style here? If not, Taylor has developed a 16-question quiz on his website that can help you figure out your leadership style.

Taylor’s conclusion to why it’s important for each of us as leaders to examine our leadership style:

“Because the more we understand about ourselves—what we truly care about, how we make decisions, why we do what we do—the more effective we will be at marshaling the support of others for what we hope to achieve. In a time of wrenching disruptions and exhilarating advances, of unrelenting turmoil and unlimited promise, there have never been more roads to success—or more opportunities to fail.”

You can read the full HBR article here: We’d love hear more about what you think. Does Taylor get it right? Is there another type of leadership style that’s not covered here?


NY Chapter ACHCA is a professional society of administrators in long-term care, offering excellent  educational programming, career development opportunities, and certification in a variety of  positions. NY Chapter ACHCA members enhance their professional development through education that isgeared to the continuum of health care administration and that emphasizes long-term care – an approach that clearly improves the quality of care they provide.

Glancing Back, and Looking Ahead; Summer Leadership Conference

With the 34th edition of the Summer Leadership Conference completed, it is now time to reflect and look ahead.

Many of you will recognize yourselves and your team members from the workshop competitions. Congratulations to the winners, and as Nelson Mandela says, “I never lose. I win or learn.” And all of us certainly learned a lot from each other and the excellent, energetic facilitation by Bryan K. Williams.

We added presentations by subject matter experts to the conference in 2016 – Claudette Fleming and Ricky Brathwaite. Their presentations are now available on the Summer Leadership Website:

Looking ahead, please hold July 24 – 28, 2017 for the 35th edition of the Summer Leadership Conference!

Next year’s conference will coincide with the exciting America’s Cup 2017 regatta – you won’t want to miss it.

Americas Cup

You will soon receive an email with hotel reservation information. Because of our long-standing relationship with the Fairmont, Southampton, we will have the same excellent rates next year, so plan to book early. Invite your friends and colleagues! And remember, attendance is limited.

We have already started to plan the conference program for next year, and many of you will be invited to offer your thoughts. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your observations, suggestions, rants, and raves.

Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you all again next year!


Summer Leadership Conference: What You’ll Be Missing Next Week if You Don’t Attend!

SLC_Broch1We’re looking forward to a great week next week at the 24th annual Summer Leadership Conference – July 25-29!
We have a great week planned and we are very excited about the expertise and energy that our facilitator, Dr. Bryan K. Williams, will bring to the 2016 Conference.
With so much change happening now, the Summer Leadership Conference is an ideal way to refocus, recharge, and plan for today, tomorrow, and the year ahead. There are still a few seats available (space is limited), so register today!
Here is some of what we’re looking forward to during the Conference.
The program will focus on 5 Steps to Building & Leading a More Results-Driven Team. After participating in this program, participants will:
  • Know what it takes to be a leader whom others want to follow
  • Be better at communicating each member of your team’s role
  • Empower your team members to connect to a greater purpose
Class models for leadership, sound principles of management, and the behavioral science of motivation will be presented in a series of highly interactive sessions. You can view the full program here.
NEW THIS YEAR! Leadership in Healthcare – International Perspectives
ClaudetteFlemmingDr. Claudette Fleming is the Executive Director of Age Concern Bermuda, the most important advocacy group for issues of persons of age in the island nation. She brings a wealth of experience and will discuss the demand, access, and challenges associated with the aging population in Bermuda.
Dr. Ricky Brathwaite is an internationally recognized healthcare economist. A native Bermudian, he splits his time among his home country and clients all over the world, while managing to spend significant time in Washington DC. A global thinker, he will share his perspectives on comparative health care systems, specifically as these relate to care and services for persons of age.
Dr Bryan K Williams

Dr Bryan K. Williams will facilitate the 2016 Summer Leadership Conference

The New York Chapter of the ACHCA is delighted to announce that Dr Bryan K. Williams will facilitate the 2016 Summer Leadership Conference to be held at the Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda

Dr Bryan K WilliamsDr Bryan K. Williams Bio:

Dr. Bryan Williams is a service consultant, trainer, and author. He has facilitated workshops and delivered keynotes worldwide for various companies in diverse industries. Bryan was the Global Corporate Director of Training and Organizational Effectiveness for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. He holds degrees and certifications in Business Administration, Hotel/Restaurant Management, and Adult Education, including a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership. Bryan is also the creator of the popular BWTV training series, and author of two books on service excellence. He was also a member of the Board of Examiners for the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. Most of all, Bryan is very passionate about helping companies reach high levels of service and organizational excellence.

We are very exited about the expertise and energy that Dr Williams will bring to the 2016 Conference

2015 New Administrator of the Year, Eugene Gonsiorek, PhD

Dr. Eugene Gonsiorek has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from Daemen College, a PhD in Neuroscience from the University at Buffalo and a certificate in Long-Term Care Administration from D’Youville College.

He has been part of the McGuire Group for fifteen years serving as Senior PT, Director of PT, Assistant Administrator and his current position as the Administrator of Autumn View Health Care Facility, one of six skilled nursing facilities operated by The McGuire Group.  Autumn View is a 230-bed skilled nursing facility in Hamburg, NY and includes 80 sub-acute beds.  The facility has been rated as a CMS Five-Star facility.

He is a hands-on Administrator and has worked with the facility’s recreation department and a local elementary school to develop an intergenerational program.  He assisted in the development, introduction and tracking of a company-wide “United We Stand” falls prevention program which has had  a tremendous impact on resident safety and has given the staff new tools and protocols to help prevent  falls and injuries.  He goes oout of his way to get to know the residents in the facility.

He has written for various publications and has presented at many Scientific Meetings and Seminars.  He is an Adjunct Professor for the Physical Therapy Program at the University at Buffalo.  He is a volunteer fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association, Mercy Flight and St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy.

We congratulate Eugene Gonsiorek on his accomplishments and being selected as this year’s recipient of the New Administrator of the Year Award.

Vincent Maniscalco

2015 recipient of its prestigious Administrator of the Year award

Vincent ManiscalcoThe New York Chapter ACHCA is pleased to name Vincent Maniscalco, Administrator of Middletown Park Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, Middletown, New York as the 2015 recipient of its prestigious Administrator of the Year award.

Vincent began his career in long term care as a teenager, volunteering his time after school and  on the weekends in a local nursing home.  He continued his experience in healthcare by being  accepted into the New Vision Medical Program of Orange-Ulster BOCES in which he shadowed  healthcare professionals in various fields throughout the Hudson Valley while completing college level coursework through SUNY Orange as a high school senior in Chester, NY.  He went on to attend Binghamton University, SUNY, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics and Law and the degree of Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Health Care Policy.

Vincent’s professional career in long term care began in May of 2005 when he was hired as the Assistant Administrator for a large not-for-profit healthcare system where he completed his licensing qualifications for nursing home administration.  During the course of his career as a licensed nursing home administrator, Vincent has held various positions in both assisted living and skilled nursing care facilities.

Vincent joined the team at Middletown Park Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in 2010, where he is the Administrator of Record for the 230-bed long term and post-acute facility.  Vincent, along with his dedicated employees and team of professionals, follows the philosophy that ensures the core values of respect, compassion and individual uniqueness of his residents.

Vincent uses a team oriented leadership style which is evident in Middletown Park’s “All Hands on Board” approach to quality assurance and performance improvement-recognized by the New York State Health Facilities Association (NYSHFA) as an innovative Practice Award winner in 2012.  Together, Vincent and his team have achievedthree consecutive deficiency free Annual Quality Indicator Surveys, have supported multiple quality initiatives that have culminated with the facility’s Five Star CMS rating including the reduction of antipsychotics, restraints and potentially avoidable hospital readmissions, and earned the American Health Care Association’s prestigious 2014 Bronze National Quality Award.

Vincent is an active member of the NYSHFA Board of Directors where he serves as the Orange, Ulster, Dutchess and Sullivan County District 4 President.  He is involved in the Payment for Services and Legislative Committees.  He serves as the Vice-Chair and Board member of the Orange-Ulster BOCES Craft Advisory Committee, and is a graduate of Leadership Orange.  He has been a member of the American College of Health Care Administrators since 2010.

Vincent was a presenter at NYSHFA’s 2014 annual Nurse Leadership Conference on  “Readmissions as an Enterprise Priority” for his work in reducing potentially avoidable readmissions to the hospital.  He sits on the Committee to Reduce Potentially Avoidable Readmissions with Orange Regional Medical Center and the Population Health Coalition with St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital.  He is also involved with the Montefiore Hudson Valley Collaborate and Westchester Medical Center Delivery System  Reform Incentive Payment Program committees.

Vincent takes great pride in working with a dedicated nursing staff to meet the ever changing needs of the community.  He credits his team for their inspiration and committment to the mission of providing the highest standards of care to those they serve.

We congratulate Vincent Maniscalco on his accomplishments and being selected as this year’s recipient of the Administrator of the Year Award.