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March 2018What’s going on with the American College of Health Care Administrators New York Chapter (ACHCA-NYC)? It’s a question that the current executive committee gave some serious thought to over the last several months. During the Annual Convention held March 11 through 14, 2018 and immediately following, the Executive Committee answered that question. The answer was simpler than you might think. It was staring everyone in the face all along and no one recognized it. The answer is that, ‘What’s going on with the ACHCA-NYC’ should be a question that you can answer for yourself easily with commonly used online tools and social media. With that in mind, the Executive Committee has set out to give anyone those tools.

For example, when things are happening now – at the annual convention or National, an education session, a Board or committee meeting – we have a Twitter account at @ACHCA_NY. We will use this social media platform to communicate things that are happening as they happen. If you use Twitter we encourage you to follow us. When the information is a bit more static, for example an event planned for the Chapter for the future, a news story that has already been published, or an event that a member has shared as a source of pride or triumph, ACHCA-NYC has a Facebook account at @ACHCANYC (or search for American College of Health Care Administrators and all the Chapters will pop-up). Finally, the Chapter has the old tried and true, old school website,

That all sounds great, anyone can check in, but what good does it do if the content isn’t interesting to the membership? Enter the idea of the Town Hall Meeting. At the Town Hall meeting there will be information shared with the membership from the Executive Committee prospective but the real emphasis will be to hear from the members. ACHCA is a volunteer organization and, yes, it needs volunteers. what interests you, what do you have a passion to work on with others who share your interest? Maybe it is an existing committee, a dormant committee, or something that ACHCA-NYC is even currently doing. More than anything else, this format is constructed to hear from you.

The target date for the meeting is the first week in May 2018 so that we can share any information from the National convention that may be pertinent.  

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